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Sell your gold and valuables by post for £££'s...

Free Post Gold: Get an instant bank transfer for a range of valuable items. FREE SMS valuation within 2 hours.

100% SMS Transaction

As Seen On TV & Radio

Each pack insured to £750

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Ge Pack

Request a FREE Gold Pack

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Each bag tracked and insured up to £750. No email address needed.

How it works

How does it work?

Free Post Gold is the simplest way to sell your gold items, in any condition. Simply pack and send your items and you'll get an SMS valuation within 2 hours of them arriving (or you can ask for us to call you).


1. Request Your Free Gold Pack TODAY

Complete our short form to request a FREE Gold Pack. No email address needed.


2. Send your items TOMORROW

Tomorrow you'll receive your pack. Fill it with your unwanted gold and despatch from your local Post Office.


3. Get paid the very NEXT DAY

The next day we'll receive and appraise your gold within 2 hours. We'll contact you with an offer and pay the same-day, or you can get everything returned FREE.


Choose between CALL or SMS

We can either SMS your offer to you, or we can discuss your items on the phone. You choose.

Gold we buy

Broken, tarnished, bits missing - we'll still buy it all.

Gold coins





Chains & Pendants




You can now sell even more with FreePostGold...

You will now also receive a pre-paid postage label and separate instructions to sell your:

Diamonds and precious gemstones, antique stone set jewellery, coral/amber jewellery, watches and pocket watches, solid silver cutlery, any silverware (cigarette cases, snuff boxes, pencil holder, whistles, etc), antique miniature portraits, bronzes, histroic coins, militaria items, metal detector finds, and any gold outside of the listed categories (e.g. gold watches).

What we buy
Live gold prices

Don't wait for gold prices to plummet

Gold prices are hitting all time highs, making now the best time in decades to sell your gold.

Don't sit on it, sell it whilst the price of gold is high.

Places you may have heard about us

We are a leading gold buyer in the UK, with a first class reputation and outstanding service.


Request a FREE Gold Pack

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Don't wait any longer. Get your FREE pack dispatched today.


Frequently asked questions

  • I am unsure if my items are valuable, can I send them?
    Some of your items might not be hallmarked or the stamp has been worn away. If you are unsure about what carat your items are, don't worry, our methods of testing will be able to accurately identify the item. We can test and validate all items once they arrive at our valuation centre.
  • I have a coin in a mount. Do you accept these?
    If you coin is mounted in a gold mount you'll be paid for the value of the coin plus the value of the gold that the coin is mounted to.
  • What are your methods of testing the gold?
    We want you to be fully aware of what destructive testing means. Once your items have been received at our valuation centre, they may be tested by placing acids on the items. This process of determining a value and placing such acids on the gold, silver, platinum or other items can leave permanent staining and/or deep scratches.
  • Do you buy all types of metals?
    Other than gold, we also purchase platinum and palladium scrap or jewellery. We now also buy silverware, coral/amber jewellery and premium watches. Your Gold Pack will tell you more about what items you should and should not send.
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